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Your Token for the Future

With our NFT (Non-Fungible Token) we want to break new ground in e-commerce. The Händlerbund E-Commerce NFT is your ticket to a unique community that benefits from the exchange with online retailers, service providers and industry experts, and includes many other advantages. In addition, NFT owners get access to exclusive benefits such as master classes with experts, e-commerce events, sweepstakes and early access options. Together we want to become the most important community for online business in Germany, develop potential, create synergies and contribute to the success of every member.


The Vision of an E-Commerce Network


The Händlerbund E-Commerce NFT is your ticket to an unique community. You become part of a network of online retailers, service providers, founders, start-ups and experts - in Germany and beyond. In exclusive master classes and private coaching sessions ー online and offline ー you will receive know-how from professionals to take your business to the next level. With the e-commerce NFT you can also take part in sweepstakes and lotteries. The best thing is, as a community member, you help determine how the NFT project develops.

One NFT, many Advantages

You get access to the Händlerbund Discord with various channels for e-commerce talks (Amazon, law, marketing and many more), motivation, support and networking among experts.
Online-Sessions, Talks & Masterclasses
Online-Sessions, Talks & MasterclassesConnect with professionals. From expert panels to master classes and live coaching sessions to open talk panels, you can take part in numerous formats and further create knowledge to develop your business.
Access to the HB Campus
The E-Commerce NFT is your key to the HB Campus e-learning platform. Here you learn directly from experts in webinars and elaborately produced e-learning courses. Best-Practises for more customers, more sales and more success.
As the owner of our NFT, you are automatically a participant in our weekly and monthly competitions with chances for crypto, technology, services and many other lucrative prizes.
Exklusiv Events
The NFT is your ticket to exclusive events. Connect with experts, service providers and e-commerce companies. You benefit from knowledge sessions, insider knowledge, tips & tricks and exchange in the community.
Sustainable & Social
Shared success is double success. Together we plan projects to support various social, ecological and sustainable projects.
1. Community Award
It’s your time to shine! Apply for our community award and pitch your project, product or idea to the community. With the support of the community, your funding becomes a cakewalk.
Business Trips
Together with you we want to get out there! Whether it's an e-commerce trip to an Island or a study trip to the Far East. With the HB NFT you have the chance to travel the world of e-commerce – AND the real one too.

Händlerbund E-Commerce NFT - Variants

The e-commerce NFT collection is limited to 5,000 tokens. All tokens have the same price and value. Each token allows access to all services and benefits. The different designs in the collection give you the opportunity to secure your favourite.


Token I - Pre-Sale

The pre-sale token makes you an early believer. You've been a supporter and a pioneer of the community since day one.  



Token II - Growth

Is your business taking off like a rocket? Our token for growth, increasing sales and maximum success is the one for you.


Token III - Network

Our community token. Are you open-minded and part of every event? You know everyone and everyone knows you.


Token IV - Trading

E-commerce and online trading are the core of your online business? Then our trading token is made for you.


Token V - Innovation

Creative ideas, effective synergies and the development of personality and business are your elixir of life?

Why E-Commerce NFT
NFT are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. We want to be pioneers and create a vibrant community with our token for e-commerce.
The Future of NFT
The more the community grows, the more benefits there will be. From our Discord Channel to master classes, Community Awards and e-commerce travel.
Benefits of our NFT
The Händlerbund NFT is more than hype. You get real value. The focus is on the community of online retailers, industry experts and e-commerce companies that you can be a part of.

Would you like to buy your NFT the easy way with euros?

Use our offer in the Händlerbund Marketplace Händlerbund and we will do the rest for you.

  • No contact to cryptocurrency
  • No exchange necessary
  • No volatility, no price fluctuation
  • Joint installation of wallet, joint token transfer and linking the wallet to OpenSea


Who are we?

As pioneers in e-commerce in Germany, we have shaped the e-commerce scene with our innovations. For over 14 years we have been supporting our partners in their success in e-commerce. We accompany more than 80,000 online retailers, agencies, service providers, coaches, start-ups and founders on their way to e-commerce. With passion, courage and optimism, we lead e-commerce into the future. The Händlerbund E-Commerce NFT is the entry ticket to a community in which we decide together where the journey is going.

The Team

Tim Arlt


“We asked ourselves, what does the future of e-commerce look like and which digital trends can we use for ourselves? The fact is, the HB platform already lives from a unique community. With the introduction of NFT, we are taking this to a new level.”


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)



“There is more to NFT than a collection of digital artworks. For us, this means the chance for a unique NFT community. With huge opportunities for synergy effects.”




Product Lead

Leonard Röser


"Non-fungible tokens are not just colorful pictures. Behind them is innovative technology with unlimited possibilities. We are only at the beginning - Smart Contracts and DeFi are just a part of it."



NFT Mastermind



“With the E-Commerce NFT we are taking big steps towards our vision of the HB platform and Web 3.0. With our strong community, we are bringing the e-commerce industry a little closer together and are becoming the industry's new place-to-be."


Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)



“The e-commerce NFT has the ability to represent virtual assets with a real value such as master classes, exclusive access options, talks and the large community in a blockchain. As CFO, I see this ability as a positive and innovative development in the industry.”


Chief Finance Officer (CFO)



"Who would have thought what’s possible in the digital world these days. There are so many opportunities to invest in new technologies. But with our NFT, an investment pays off twice over."




Content Creator

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